Monday, May 21, 2018

1993 Studio Phil Hiatt

Hobbies are golf and fishing: Nice outdoorsy picks.
Favorite sports announcer is Dick Vitale: A college basketball fan, I guess.
Favorite player as a kid was George Brett: Hiatt and Brett were teammates when this card was produced, don’t know how much that factored into this pick.
Most prized possessions are his athletic trophies: You would think anyone who reaches the highest level of a major sport would have many trophies.
Might have been an accountant if he hadn’t been an athlete: He did not go into accounting after his baseball career.
Pet peeve is bad attitudes: No one likes bad attitudes.
Where he is now: He now owns the Triple Play Party Center in Cantonment, FL. In 2010 he shared his thoughts on baseball cards with this blog.

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