Thursday, May 17, 2018

Vintage Card Breakdown

Got some awesome vintage cards in a trade with Baseball Card Breakdown. Sending him back a bunch of cards for his '78 Topps set and other modern set and PC needs. REMEMBER - if you have vintage (any condition) that you are willing to trade for modern cards - let me know! (I also have some beat-up vintage to trade as well).

Early '60s! Love the Yankee cards of Deron Johnson and Eli Grba.
 Mid 60's!
 Late 60s/early 70s! Billy Martin had two fantastic cards in 1972 Topps and now I have them both.
 1973! A lot of these are coming in lately. Roy White and Sparky Lyle appearances here.
 Gavin also threw in some modern cards as well. Love those minor-league cards!

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