Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wallet card with some recently-exposed Automat remnants

Last year I showed some of the remnants of the ornate floral design in the former location of the Times Square flagship store of the Horn & Hardart Automat. Recently, the deli that was in another former Automat location, at 968 Sixth Avenue (possibly the one that this sign was advertising) closed, and during renovations extensive floral decorations were revealed, that must have come from the Automat that closed sixty years earlier.

I took the picture to make sure to capture these for posterity, figuring they would soon be covered up again.
 However, the new deli, called "Toast" has actually restored the design on the sides. Happy to see them refresh the beautiful old decorations.


  1. I would give them business just for doing the right thing and appreciating fine architecture.

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