Friday, May 25, 2018

'63s and more from The Collector

Got a bunch of cool cards in a trade with The Collector. (If you haven't already, be sure to enter his contest!)

The trade revolved around some of his extra 1963s. Milwaukee Braves! K.C. A's! I love it.
 He is a Red Sox fan so they were well represented. Kind of jarring to see cards from 55 years ago, with the players wearing the same uniforms they wear today. These guys look like they could be 2018 Red Sox.
 He threw in some nice '70s cards as well. I already have the '78 and '79 sets so the Burke and Morgan are up for trade.
 Also a lot of modern Yankees! You hear a lot about the cards of Jim Abbott batting with the Angels and Brewers, but this is a nice one of him batting for the Yankees.
 He included several of the Yankees from the 1995 Topps Virtual Reality parallel set. What if the 1994 season wasn't ended by the strike? At the time the Yankees had the best record in the American League, but a lot of people forget they were fading fast in August and were probably going to get overtaken by the Blue Jays soon.
 He also threw in some Giants and Rangers. Bahr; Strahan; Toomer; OJ Anderson; Simms - Super Bowl heroes all. I passively collect football so I am keeping these except for the '88 Simms which I know I have already, and the Bahr which I think I have as well.
There are also a few Rangers, most noticeably Brian Leetch. Anyone collect hockey?


  1. I still need a slew of Braves from the 63' set, myself

  2. Thanks for the trade-and for plugging my contest!