Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Card from Bill Wetmore (via Night Owl)

Night Owl sent me a great stack of vintage cards. All of the '60s cards had some writing on them but I don't mind at all, I think they're great.

Most of the cards had a W written on the front. This one was also stamped by Bill Wetmore, so I assume the other W's also stand for Wetmore.
 Don Mossi is one of those classic baseball card guys, it's great to get some of his cards.
Awesome to get '62 cards of key players from the '61 Yankees, like Johnny Blanchard . . .
  . . . Luis Arroyo . . .
 . . . and Ralph Terry! There's Arroyo again hanging out in the background.
Why Atlanta on this '63 Johnny Keane card? He did not move on to an Atlanta major or minor league team after this.
 Here's a rare J.C. Martin error - position is "Cathcer".
 Two more key Yankees from the last years of the dynasty.
 This is a legitimate error card - Pavletich was a catcher, not a pitcher. But Wetmore wasn't satisfied with catcher again and changed him to Extra (meaning bench player?), writing it twice for emphasis.
 Joe Pepitone!
 Here's another Don Pavletich. This time Topps got his position right, but Wetmore felt it important to note played some 1B too.
 Night Owl also threw in a bunch of clean cards from 1973 Topps. I love this Dick Dietz card - look how empty it is behind the Shea Stadium outfield. Looks like a Deskey Twin streetlight on the parkway behind left field.

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  1. That Bill Wetmore was a stickler. I wondered if he "played well with others"?