Monday, May 14, 2018

1993 Studio Randy Milligan

Hobby is boxing: That’s an unusual hobby. I wonder if it was banned from his contracts?
Favorite sports announcer is Brent Musburger: Solid national choice.
Favorite player as a kid was Jackie Robinson: Milligan was born five years after Robinson’s retirement, and was ten when Robinson died. Impressive that he acknowledged a player from before his time.
Might have been a mailman if he hadn’t been an athlete: Milligan did not go into postal work after his playing career.
Pet peeve is having to play ball on Easter Sunday: You’d never know it from his performance. He played on three Easter Sundays and had five hits in ten at-bats. He did go 0 for 2 on Easter Sunday 1992, presumably shortly before taking this questionnaire, but did walk twice in the Orioles’ win.
Where he is now: A scout for the Orioles.

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