Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Trade with The Lost Collector

Just did a big trade with the Lost Collector. We're both Yankee fans so lots of Bronx Bombers went both ways. AJ also threw in some awesome vintage cards. If you have vintage to trade, I have lots of modern cards (and some beat-up vintage) to trade and will make sure you get more cards than you send me!

Some highlights:
Lots of Tino Martinez cards, of course.
 I love this shiny, psychedelic card.
 Another nice holographic effect.
 Great photo that really capture's CC's personality.
 The vintage was a small stack of '73s. Dave Nelson recently passed away. Very unusual style of photo - in a good way.
 This has to be one of the first beards on a modern baseball card, especially for a non-Oakland A. And I love the details of the old Yankee Stadium in the background, including the monuments in center field. Also visible are a sign for Schaefer Beer and for the New York Lottery, which had started only a few years earlier. That sign says "50 cents can get you $50,000!".


  1. The Matsui card is cool. I'll have to send some Yanks your way if I cant scrounge up any vintage.