Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Trade with Zeprock

Zeprock is not a blog but a trader and seller with an extensive wantlist and tradelist. Got a bunch of cool cards from him in a trade. Here are some highlights:

Lots of oddballs in the package. I love the Coca-Cola logo on those early 80's Topps cards - looks like an old time privilege sign storefront. Even better with the addition of the Brigham's logo - a Boston-area ice cream chain that is still around.
 This is a 1989 Phoenix magnet of Kirk Gibson. Not sure whether to consider this a card - it is an actual magnet, shaped a little smaller than a baseball card. Would you consider this a card?
 Lots of great photos too, like Juan Gonzalez at the doorway to the Green Monster.
 And some set needs too. I'm now down to needing just one card from 1992 Studio, and it's a common card - #100 Todd Zeile. Anyone have one to trade? And there hasn't been much in the way of comments on my 1993 Studio posts - are people interested in more of them?


  1. Good stuff!
    Yeah, I'd consider the Kirk Gibson a card (not really but close enough).
    And yes, love the Studio back posts.. keep 'em coming!

  2. I have looked at magnet cards and kind went back and forth on the, but when it comes to a PC player if it looks like a card and is card shaped I would include it.