Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Baseball Wit

I mentioned in my last post that the Baseball Wit cards really deserved their own post.

This was the first card in the Baseball Wit stack. Nothing says "baseball" or "wit" like a grumpy Civil War general.
 Back in the 19th Century, ballplayers posed in front of flowers and columns.
 Here's comedian Jack Carter hamming it up with a mannequin.
 Here's just a bizarre picture. Three old men beating up some young kid? It's actually Branch Rickey teaching the art of sliding.
 Back when managers and players weren't ashamed of wearing blankets in the dugout on cold days.
 Here's Game of Thrones's Littlefinger.
 Umpire Cal Hubbard, apparently leaving the house on the way to work.
 Finally, this awesome picture of little leaguers learning baseball from an elderly Cy Young.


  1. Hahahhaha, that guy really does look like Littlefinger!

  2. Damn. I've had a set of these sitting in a box for a few years now. I had no idea that I was sitting on a Littlefinger rookie card this whole time.