Sunday, August 13, 2017

Trade with Night Owl

Got some great cards in a trade with Night Owl. Here are some highlights:

This was the last card I needed to complete the 2011 Toppstown set.
 He sent me a whole bunch of cards from 2015 Topps, whittling down my wantlist to just seven cards: 112, 458, 463, 470, 580, 616, 687

 Yankee fans still cringe in memory of the Rally Monkey. Which is probably why Night Owl sent it to a Yankee fan.
 This looks better in person - a shiny foil Jackie Robinson card.
 At first I thought this was an oversize glove, like Mickey Hatcher used to wear as a gimmick on some cards. It's actually just a neat use of perspective to create a unique image.
 He sent a few vintage Yankees as well. I just featured the Ellis on this blog as I picked it up in a street trade, so now I have an extra up for trade. The Rob Gardner is new for me though, as is the 1974 checklist, featured signatures of the 12 best players on that team, only 4 of which would still be there when they won the pennant two years later.

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