Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trade with minibbcards

minibbcards is a collector on tradingcarddb, where you can find his wantlists and tradelists. As his name suggests he collects minis, mostly those from Allen & Ginter, Gypsy Queen, etc. I traded him a few extras that I had and he sent me a few full-sized cards in return. Here are some highlights:

He sent me the last three cards I needed, including this beautiful Wizard of Oz, to complete the 1994 Leaf set.
 This is an error card - Nigel Wilson's name and photo on the front . . .
 . . . Darrell Whitmore's name and photo on the back. There is another card in the set which has the opposite.
 Here's a photo I liked. Hinckley is from Oklahoma, and that is probably where the picture was taken - just drafted, taken on the local ballfield, not even issued a real uniform yet, just a T-shirt with the team name on it.

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