Friday, August 25, 2017

60's from the street

Had a larger and really fun trade with street vendor Al. I gave him some 70s and early 80s Yankee cards I had acquired in recent trades, as well as some DefGav customs. (Gavin had commented on my blog a while back that it would be awesome to have his customs sold on the street in New York - for obvious reasons Al didn't want to sell them, but he did want the Mattinglys and Tino card for his own collection. He thought the Simpsons ones in particular were interesting).

I started pulling cards out of the usual box I go through . .
 . . . but then I asked about a box I remembered seeing with some '70s cards in it. I ended up finding some '60s cards which was even better. Here is what I pulled:

Three 1969s, including Davey Johnson.
 Two 1968s, including Jim Fregosi.
 Five 1966's, including John Roseboro.
 Three 1963s, including Milwaukee Brave Roy McMillan.
 And a 1962 Bill Mazeroski. As a Yankee fan I don't like him much, but no way I'm passing up a 55-year-old card of a Hall-of-Famer.

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