Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Trade with Infield Fly Rule

Got some great cards in a trade with Infield Fly Rule. He's a Rockies fan so he had lots of Rockies doubles. I collect all cards so I was happy to get these - getting a team collectors dupes is a nice way to build my collection. Here are some highlights:

Nice bat barrel card.
 Here's a card of a back room at Coors Field.
 What's growing out of Ubaldo's back?
 Not every card was a Rockies card. What an unflattering drawing. I can see why Triple Play did not last.


  1. My kids LOVE that Dominguez card. All three of us have a copy. Every time they see it, they laugh and say, "How come you've never heard of him before? Is he good?"

  2. Glad you like these (and sorry this comment is two weeks late)!