Monday, August 14, 2017

Trade with A Cracked Bat

Got some great cards in a trade with A Cracked Bat. She knew I'm a Yankee and Cardinal fan so most of the trade was cards from those teams. Some highlights:

Lots of shiny cards in this package which I love.
 This makes two trade packages this month to feature a Sportflics set I've never gotten a card from before. This is the "Decade Greats" set from 1986. I remember reading about it when the set came out when I was a kid, but never before had I gotten a card from it before, so I was really excited about this one. The player on this card is Giants Hall-of-Famer Carl Hubbell.
 I love getting surprise vintage in these trade packages. Here is the Cards Rookie Stars from 1971.
 Topps Total had an insert set called Total Topps, but the design of the card looks like it is Topps Total: Topps Total.
 Finally, she included a full 12-card 2001 Sunoco Dream Team set. These are beautiful cards featuring two stars each from a dozen teams. Unfortunately I already had the set so this one is up for trade if anyone wants it.

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  1. Darn - I didn't see the Sunoco cards on your list so thought you'd enjoy them. Hope you did find plenty there to keep. Thanks for the trade!