Sunday, August 6, 2017

Trade with Dalton

Dalton doesn't have a blog, but he does have a website with an extensive wantlist and tradelist. He is a Yankee fan so he had some really great stuff to trade me. He sent me about 300 cards from my wantlists, and even better, another 300 cards in the form of Yankee team sets from about 70 sets, mostly oddballs from the '80s and '90s. Here are some of my favorites:

Turned out I already have the entire Yankee team from 1976 Topps Traded, so this classic is up for trade.
 I have a card that looks just like this except it says "Ralston Purina", not "Cereal Series".
 This card came out shortly after Desert Storm.
 I had just seen some cards from this set from Street Vendor Al. Buying from him, or from local collections, often means getting everyone but the Yankees (or Mets), one reason I was so glad for this trade.
 Here is an oddball with a parallel - 1994 Church's, regular and gold foil editions.
 I'd never seen a '93 Kraft Singles Superstars before.
 Scoremasters was a beautiful Score subset.
 I love this design with the skyline and street sign.
 Finally, another traded set, this time '74 with the first Yankee card of Sweet Lou Piniella.

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  1. The Purina set was the main set, more or less. But Purina also made (and probably still makes) some of the store brand generic cereals, and they were thinking of extending the promotion to those generics. So they had Topps print some with "cereal series" instead of the brand. What I read at the time was that they didn't actually go through with that, and just stuck those cards in regular Purina boxes. I suspect a fair number were sold directly to hobby dealers, as they don't seem to be particularly hard to come by, but they are pretty cool nonetheless.