Monday, August 7, 2017

Rich Niessen trade: the larger box

Here are some highlights from the thousands of cards in the larger box sent to be my Rich Niessen.

Lots of 2009 UD Final Edition.
 I just saw this 1/1 over on Bob Walk the Plank. How can that be? These were error cards, mass-produced and weren't supposed to say 1/1.
 Lots of Sports Illustrated cards.
 Lots of the great 1999 Fleer Tradition set. Great photos like this one.
 Here is a beautiful painted checklist card from the Ted Williams set.
 Great photo from a Stadium Club Mickey Mantle set. I love how clearly you can see the fans in the stands, which you don't often see in 1960s photos. Interesting that a lot of them are clearly not cheering for Mantle, a reminder that for many fans, especially older ones, he never was able to adequately replace DiMaggio.
 Great photo from Minnie Minoso's 1980 stint with the White Sox at the age of 57.
 Great shiny Topps insert.
 Lots of A&G minis. A few of them from 2010 and 2011 I had already so if someone is collecting them, let me know.
 I love the UD Holographics set.
 Here's a Woolworth card . . .
 . . . and here's another. Remember the Schmidt I posted yesterday? Almost the same photo. While there were few duplicates in Rich's box there were seven copies of this card, so six are up for trade.
 Here's an oddball - a fan drawing produced for the UD MVP set.
 There were probably 100 cards from the 1992 Fleer Update set. When I got a complete set last year at a garage sale I found out that these are actually pretty rare, particularly for the era. All of these are up for trade.
 Speaking of 1992 Fleer, here's a great oddball from 7-11 and Citgo.
 A beautiful Leaf insert.
 I love these quirky Ultra Pro oddballs.
 My first 1993 Stadium Club Members Only card. What a great way to showcase the unique photography of Stadium Club.
 There was most of the Baseball Wit set. These have some fantastic old photos and I will do a separate post just on these.
 With that I will segue to my favorite cards in the box, 1980s oddballs! I'd never had a Squirt card before.
 The backs are like the 1982 Topps set, but yellow. Love it!
 Topps scratch-offs!
 Don't know how they work? Fortunately, there's an instructions card.
 Topps stickers! I would love to trade for old Topps and Panini stickerbooks that are empty or only partially-completed.
 Fleer Star Stickers! I'm always psyched to get early-80s Fleer products.
 Like these awesome Fleer Stamps!
 I had seen Fleer World Series stickerbacks before, but never ones for All Star Games.
 More Fleer Stickers!
 A great Mattingly oddball - this is a box bottom card.
 There were several Front Row sets of Negro League stars.
 Finally, this great card - I love seeing a Sportflics design I'd never known about before.

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