Sunday, July 17, 2022

A Giant box of Giants cards

I'm a Giants fan in football but I don't mind the baseball Giants either. My dad was a Yankee fan growing up but said when it came to the local NL teams he preferred the Giants over the Dodgers. Anyway, I got a really fun box of SF Giants cards from Card Hemorrhage. Jay has been shifting his collecting focus, with less baseball and more hockey. I sent him a big box of hockey cards that I had sitting around for years waiting for someone who would trade baseball cards for them. He had already sent a really nice baseball card package before I mailed him his hockey cards. He must have really liked what I sent because he followed it up with another mailing, this time filled with just SF Giants cards.

There were about 400 cards, half in sleeves (the "better" cards) and half loose, still fine cards from sets like Heritage, Opening Day, etc. Lots and lots to like in the box.

Here are some of the nicest cards from the non-sleeved portion. Bowman is not one of my favorite card brands but I really like Bowman Platinum.
The highlight of that part of the box just might have been this Greg "Moon Man" Minton collection. Those two Mothers Cookies cards were new to me, and are both awesome, especially the "devil horns" card. The '87 Fleer is a glossy so I needed that too. Otherwise, the rest are dupes if someone wants to start an instant Moon Man PC.
On to the higher-end cards. Lots and lots of shiny, too much to show here. These are a few examples. My favorite featured Yankees fan-favorite Melky Cabrera. I know Carlos Beltran played for a lot of teams, I forgot he was a Giant.
There were a lot of Matt Cain cards. Some that stuck out to me were a couple of shinies, and a Levi's oddball. I'd never seen a Levi's card before.
These two cards were back-to-back in the box. Funny to see the same photo on a Topps card and a Leaf card, with Topps digitally inserting a Giants uniform on to Patrick Bailey's NC State uniform.
Emerald Nuts used to put out Giants team sets. I really like their take on the 2006 design, looks much better than the original.
Finally, a fun newspaper-themed Broder card.


  1. Beltrán was just a rental for the Giants. They got him at the deadline from the Mets for a young Zach Wheeler.

  2. Nice Minton PC. Especially fond of the Mother's Cookies cards.

  3. It's kind of sad to see a Giants fan getting rid of all of their Giants.