Thursday, July 28, 2022

Cards and vintage stuff: August 16-20, 1967

Major world news from Wednesday-Sunday, August 16-20, 1967 included state police in Mexico firing on a union protest in Acapulco, killing dozens. Alliances were made and broken in Africa as fighting continued in both Nigeria/Biafra and South Africa/Rhodesia. Pope Paul VI drastically re-organized the Roman Curia, and NASA published the first extensive chart of the far side of the moon.

In Long Beach, CA, the 27th annual Rathkamp Matchcover Society convention gathered collectors from around the world. John L. Woods was elected president, and Sam Schroeder was elected Outstanding Collector of the Year.

Nearby, the Dodgers were putting a little bit of life into a disappointing season. At the start of the convention, the defending NL champions were 50-64, 21.5 games behind the Cardinals. They split Wednesday and Thursday's games in Houston, then swept the weekend series at home against the Braves. The punchless Dodgers were winning with pitching and timely base hits - their only home runs over the five games were the two that Lou Johnson hit off of Atlanta's Denny LeMaster on Friday the 18th.



  1. matchbook collecting in 1967 so much they had a

  2. Sounds like your kind of convention! :)