Sunday, July 31, 2022

Time traveling - the farthest distance yet

This month's Time Travel Trade with Diamond Jesters featured the oldest cards yet to change hands between the two of us. There was quite a lot of variety this month.

We'll start our journey in the present with some current cards.

Inching a bit further, here's some from the early 2010s.
A little bigger jump, to some 1990's cards, some of which are masquerading as 1954.
Now here's a big jump, all the way back to 1961!

Ordinarily, a card like this with a square jaw and square hair would be the oldest in a package. However, it feels very modern compared to . . . 

A 1934 Goudey! This is my first ever Goudey card, my first ever non-matchbook card from the 1930s. Frank "Shanty" Hogan was a power-hitting catcher for the Braves, Giants and Senators. The card is a bit smaller than modern cards, but has a fun background and of course the awesome "Lou Gehrig says", even though Gehrig is a bit obscured. It's awesome to realize that Lou Gehrig was an active player at the time of this card's release.

I've had lots of reprints of Goudey cards, so it's so cool to have an original. Here is the back. Lots of small print, but that's fine. The bio is in quotes because you are supposed to believe Lou Gehrig said it.


  1. This beats my oldest card by 20 years.

  2. As soon as I saw this card on Matt's post, I knew that it would end up going to you. Good thing you had something older to trade for it.

  3. I'm just glad I'm getting another sports card in return for that Goudey! I think I've acquired enough little birdies!