Saturday, July 30, 2022

Art on the back: 1970 Topps Football

I'm not really interested in doing these for baseball anymore. There were no cartoons in '78 or '79, and the 80's sets that have cartoons are less interesting to me. There are some fun ones in the football sets, though. I don't have much from before the 1970s, so I'm starting here with 1970.

Vibrant orange backs on the '70 set. For some cards you need to scratch off the cartoon with a coin. I'm not showing any of those here. I guess Randy Johnson chose the wrong sport. After his playing career his life spiraled out of control with drug and alcohol abuse. He ended up dying alone with nothing but his football cards in his wallet, and it took police days to find anyone who could claim his body.

On a happier note, here are some fun cartoons. Tom Dempsey is the former wrestler, and Floyd LIttle the special assistant to the governor of Colorado.


  1. You could just jump to Heritage, where you see the same cartoons over and over, often having no relation to caption! Ah, maybe better not to.

  2. Randy's tale was very sad indeed. I think of it every single time I see one of his cards.