Friday, January 21, 2022

Route '66

I picked up a little lot of 1966 cards that was in my price range. All the cards are in the 300-399 portion of the set.

Here are the keepers for me. Most interesting card is certainly the Harry Walker. It looks like the photo was taken at the Astrodome, which might make it the earliest Topps card with a photo taken there? The back mentions his military service in World War II under General Patton.

Most of the cards I had already and are available for trade. All are commons, and in pretty decent condition.


  1. I like that Walker as well and I had the same thought as you - I can't remember seeing any other cards that early showing the Astrodome.

  2. He isn't someone that I collect, but I have a copy of that Harry Walker in my keepers just because of that Patton mention.