Friday, January 14, 2022

1974 - done! 1976 - one to go!

I decided to use TCDB again to try to get my last few '74 and '76 needs. I had worked out a huge deal with one guy - got to the point where I had pulled 400 cards for him - then he just stopped answering me. Was still logging on to the site but he decided to just pull out of the trade and not even tell me. Fortunately I decided to give TCDB one more change. I recognized the name Turrdog - I had actually traded with him before! Unlike the other guy, the trade with Turrdog went very smoothly. I sent him a few needs, and he sent me these two fantastic cards! 

Mike Schmidt finishes off my '74 set. It's a classic card with the Phillies bullpen cart in the background. And the Yount almost takes care of my '76 set. It's a simple but classic pose.

The last card I need to finish off '76 is also a second-year player card - George Brett. If no readers have it, I'll hit the TCDB again. I've updated my sidebar with a few modern needs this time - mostly star cards for sets where I need one card left, plus a few starter sets I'd be interested in. 

Speaking of the sidebar - I use the "blog list" as my reading list. Each day I see what's new at the top of the list and click on those blogs. Lately when I've added a new blog they either don't show up or stay at the bottom of the list. Does anyone know how to fix that?


  1. Congrats on the '74 completion. I have an issue with one of the feeds on my blog list too and have no idea how to fix because I see the same site on other's blog list and it works for them.

  2. Congrats on competing '74! It's a nice set.

  3. Congratulations on getting that '74 set completed. Hopefully we'll see that '76 want list soon change from "one" to "Done!".

  4. I've added two new blogs to my reading list this month as well... and encountered the same problem. No idea how to fix it. But that list is mostly for people who come to my blog. I personally use the "reading list" within blogger itself that shows the most current posts. That list includes posts from the two blogs I just added.

  5. Happy completed set! As for your Blogger issue, you might be able to fix it by going to your layout, then clicking the edit button for your reading list in the sidebar section. There's a bunch of ways to reconfigure the list within that tab, so maybe yours just needs a tweak or two. I had to do this a few years ago, and mine has been fine ever since.