Saturday, January 22, 2022

From the eBay dime box

There are a few eBay sellers who start their auctions at some price well under a dollar, with free shipping. They gamble that the low price will attract more eyeballs and drive up the price. I don't know how successful it is overall, but every one in a while I will place a bid and be surprised when I end up with the cards.

I bid on two five-card lots of current Yankees, Gleyber Torres and Giancarlo Stanton. I ended up winning the lots for 30 and 35 cents, respectively. So the seller threw them in a PWE and called it a wash, right?

Nope. They spent $5.15 on shipping, putting each one in a sleeve and toploader and wrapping them in cardboard. I feel like messaging the seller and suggesting that next time they ask the buyer if they just want it in a PWE, but I don't know if they would think it's rude. (They do sell lots of cards, this isn't someone who never sold cards before.)

Here are the cards I got. Hopefully Gleyber can bounce back from a rough 2020/2021. Stanton had a bit of a rough start for his Yankee career but he's gotten fully past that and is one of their most reliable hitters these days.

Another seller had a bunch of cheapo lots. I threw bids on a bunch of them, and ended up just with the one I was least interested in. Still, 60 cents for 7 big stars from the 1991 Pacific football set, which is a design I like quite a bit. I already had the Seau so that's up for trade. These did come in a PWE.



  1. High honors to that first seller! Kudos! Share his id.

  2. That's a good batch of football cards. Has me wondering which batches you were more interested in.

  3. I used to like 1991 Pacific, I bought a bunch of it back then. Pretty sure I have a few that can be purged if I can find them.

  4. Good deal. I'd probably search up Gwynn and Henderson lots if I knew there were more auctions like this. I've thought about putting player lots up on eBay before, but no way I'd go the auction route with free shipping.

  5. It's nice to hear that someone else out there still likes the 1991 Pacific set too.