Friday, January 24, 2020

What was in the star box

To answer a question from a commenter on the previous post, I guess I bought this lot as both trade fodder and for my own collection. I've tried to be "strategic" in card buying, but I find that just using my instincts seems to work best. There's enough consistency in what is in most lots, and what the prices are, that when I see something that stands out as different, I jump on it. I would say that I don't buy collections primarily as trade fodder, though, as unfortunately there aren't that many bloggers left (there are maybe a dozen or so people I trade with regularly), and I don't have the time to start with something like TCDB. I suppose I could try to flip cards, but I don't want to add the stress of trying to make money off of my hobby.

Anyway, here is what was in the star box. For these purposes I sorted by player, and then some miscellany. If you see anything you want let me know, it will be a while before I have everything sorted enough to know what I need and what to trade.

There were large numbers of certain superstars, few to none of others. No real rhyme or reason. Some huge stars like Ripken and Bonds for whom I've never seen so many of their cards in one place. If you see someone you have a PC for, I might be able to really help you out.

Piles of: Paul Molitor, Andy Pettitte, Mike Piazza, Kirby Puckett, Cal Ripken, Ivan Rodriguez, Nolan Ryan, Ryne Sandberg, Frank Thomas, Dave Winfield
 Piles of: Tom Glavine, Tony Gwynn, Randy Johnson, Chipper Jones, Greg Maddux, Don Mattingly
 Piles of: Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Wade Boggs, Barry Bonds, George Brett, Roger Clemens
 Miscellany: cards of retired players. I've never owned a Jewish Major Leaguers card - this is a full set of one of the update sets ("Record Breakers"). Several Front Row promos.
 Miscellaneous modern stars. One or two each of various stars.
 Nothing earlier than 1981 in these boxes. However there were some big star cards from the early 1970s. Maybe a set filler for somebody in here?


  1. There may be a few Cal's I can use if they're the small tribute sets. I also have a Mattingly collector I've been supplying.

  2. Not bad at all! Lots of fun stuff!

  3. what a fantastic player assortment!

  4. I spotted that DK Thomas right off the bat.