Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Trade with Bad Buckeye Blood

I discovered Bad Buckeye Blood from the Collective Mind blog. He doesn't have a blog but has a website. He is a very generous trader - I sent him a dozen modern needs, mostly commons, and he sent me this great vintage haul and is promising more to come even though I don't have anything else for him right now. The least I can do for him is to encourage all you readers to check out his site and see what you might have for him - it'll be worth your while. Just make sure to follow the instructions on his home page when you reach out to him.

Again, this was all for a few modern commons:
Three from '59, two from '67
 Eight from '68 are great. Short is a high-number
 Nice group of '69s with some big names. Couple of high numbers too.
 Closing out with some '70s and '73s.

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  1. Whammy Douglas' card is one of my absolute favorite's from the '59 set.