Thursday, January 30, 2020

Vintage backgrounds: Tinker Field

One more from 1970. The building in the background that looks like a house was what caught my eye.
The Twins' spring training home was Tinker Field in Orlando. The Washington Senators started training there in 1936. When the team moved to Minnesota, 1,000 seats from Washington's Griffith Stadium were added to Tinker Field. The Twins stayed there until 1990. It remained a minor league park throughout the 1990s, but is no longer in use, as the next-door Citrus Bowl's expansion has made the field too small for baseball.

What about the house? In this photo from Spring Training Online, you can see the house just beyond the fence of the practice field. The large structure behind Miller is not in this picture, but maybe it hadn't been built yet when this aerial photo was taken earlier in the decade. Today that lot, at the corner of Tampa Avenue and South Street, is vacant.

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