Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Vintage Backgrounds: Keegan Field

Here's the last of the four 1969 expansion teams in 1970 Topps. When they were awarded the Padres' spring training site, the city of Yuma, Arizona constructed a modern, multi-field baseball complex that was considered one of the finest in the nation when it was built. However, for 1969 the Padres had to train at Keegan field, a local youth baseball field. According to an article by the Yuma County Library District, a community-wide effort got the field ready for 1969 Spring Training. Doc Mattei, the team's traveling secretary, said “The Marines built the lockers.  The electric company took light poles and made a batting cage.  Tanner Construction leveled the field.  We raised $3,000 from a raffle, $3,000 from a barbecue, another $3,000 selling bumper stickers.” Even with these improvements, there were not clubhouse facilities for the visiting team, the home team had to shower at an adjoining swimming pool, and capacity was less than 3,000 fans.

I found this photo striking with the palm trees and red signs. I assume this is Keegan Field, but the black-and-white overhead photo in the Yuma Library article is the only picture I could find of the park, so I could not confirm.

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