Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Trade with The Best Bubble

A few months ago I traded with Bob when he didn't have a blog. He has one now - The Best Bubble. (There's another new blog that started recently - Bill's Baseball Card Blog. Any other new ones? Maybe 2020 will be a blogging renaissance.)

Bob and I did another trade recently, I sent him some bubble cards and other needs and he sent me another really great trade package.

The bulk of the trade was set needs from 1992 O-Pee-Chee Premier and 1986 Sportflics.
 He also sent some great "interesting photos" cards. That Belle is my first card from the great Christie Brinkley insert set that Pinnacle did in the mid-90s.  And I think I'd seen that Ted Williams card on every blog this year - I love the photo and am very happy to have the card now.
 Bob also surprised me with some great minor league cards. I have some of the '87 Cracker Jack Columbus Clippers but this is my first '89.
 But these vintage oddballs were the highlight for me. The Home Run Baker is from the 1977 Sertoma set. I had never heard of Sertoma or this set. The organization still exists today - it is a charitable organization focused on hearing-loss issues. The other card, also from 1977, is probably my favorite card in the package - my first ever vintage minor league card!


  1. There must be a renaissance! I discovered another relatively new one yesterday! (https://randombaseballandbaseballcardthings.blogspot.com/)

  2. Never heard of or seen the 1977 Sertoma cards before. Headed over to COMC to see who is in the set.