Sunday, December 1, 2019

PAD Circus from the ever-generous TribeCards

No blogger is more generous than David of Tribecards. Today I got 800+ Yankees from his yearslong PAD Circus giveaway. Here are just a few highlights from two awesome boxes.

Early career and late career Derek Jeter cards (ton of Jeters, Al will be happy). Also lots of Aaron Judge, including a shiny numbered card, two Heritage rookies (one to trade) and one 2017 Topps rookie (have it already, so also to trade).
 Some random shiny awesomeness.
 Relics! CC is the highlight, but two Brian McCanns is pretty cool too.
 If you got anything that looked like run-of-the-mill 1990 Topps, don't assume it's just some junk wax.
 O-Pee-Chee had "Topps" on the front that year, so check the back to see if you too have some Canadian goodness.
 Best card in the giveaway was definitely this '78 Munson disk. It's not everyday you get a playing-days Thurman Munson card.
Finally, a rip card. What was inside . . .
Autographed card of Padres pitcher Colin Rea, #4/10. Wahoo!


  1. Great stuff! I wonder why I've never seen the Tribecards blog before.

    The Judge RC is one of the last cards I need to finish my 2017 Topps set. I could definitely use it, but I think I owe you some cards already?

  2. Tribecards has always been generous with that PAD giveaway. Looking forward to seeing what the others get!

  3. I like that Rea! Is it up for trade?