Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Cards from The Collector

Chris "The Collector" is back from a short hiatus and sent me a great trade package. Lots of Yankees, lots of 2017-2019 Topps set needs, and one vintage card . . .
 I just read Night Owl's latest post and he said the '57's he gets are almost all well-worn. This one is almost pack-fresh. Apparently some people think '57's design is boring, but it's one of my favorite. Though to me the photo has always been much more important than the design.

Some photo highlights from the setbuild needs. I remember that Cubs-Rockies hug from the wild-card game. I like displays of sportsmanship a lot more than trying to build up artificial "hate" for your opponent. And farewell Didi Gregorious, a beloved Yankee.
 Some of the Yankee highlights. That Blue Sapphire refractor Rivera rookie reprint just edges out the '57 as the best-looking card of the package. It's not every day I get a 1980s Winfield card I did not have before, so that is exciting. Also exciting any time I get a new Gleyber Torres card.


  1. I'm a huge fan of the '57 set. If I wasn't already working on '56 I'd try to build it. Wish I had more vintage to send you; I'm trying to trade for some on TCDB to rebuild my stockpile.

    Glad you like the cards!

  2. I think I actually do have a couple of '57 Dodgers that are in very nice shape. They still look freakish to me though.