Saturday, December 7, 2019

1981 Topps Mike Parrott

The front: Nice photo of Parrott tossing the ball around at Tiger Stadium. I doubt that red T-shirt is part of the standard Mariner uniform.

The back: Boy those early Mariners teams were bad. Parrott’s 14 wins remained the team record until 1984, when rookie Mark Langston, the team’s first pitching star, won 17. The team record is now 21, set by Jamie Moyer in 2001.

The player: Parrott went from the Mariners’ ace in 1979 to a hellish season in 1980, winning his first game and then losing 16 straight decisions to finish 1-16 with a 7.28 ERA. Parrott even tried using a hypnotist to change his luck, to no avail. He also missed a month after getting hit in the groin on a hot shot up the middle by Roy Smalley in Minnesota. Parrott wasn’t wearing a cup, was taken off the field on a stretcher and ended up missing a month. His 1981 season was an improvement from that very low bar (3-6, 5.08) but not enough to save his major league career, though he did stick around in the minors for a few more seasons.

The man: He is a longtime minor league pitching coach for the Diamondbacks, currently for their Kane County Cougars affiliate.

My collection: I have five of his cards, from 1979 to 1982. I would be interested in trading for 1986 ProCards Oklahoma City 89ers #17.

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