Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Wallet Card - Approved by Cue Part II

Two years ago I posted a wallet card photo of a restaurant that had mid-1970s "Approved by Cue" stickers, referring to a magazine that stopped publishing in the 1980s. When I photographed the Fleet Bank sign a couple of weeks ago, it was on a block where all the retail establishments had been evicted as the landlord awaits higher-priced tenants. I checked out the other closed stores and noticed this sticker in the window of what had been Dos Caminos Restaurant. Dos Caminos opened in 2006, but for decades this had been a restaurant called La Maganette, famous for its live salsa music. This sticker must have been from the restaurant's days at La Maganette, newly uncovered when the Dos Caminos decor came down.

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