Sunday, May 19, 2019

Coming home to some cards

I just got back late last night from several days at a conference in Florida for work. Nothing even good for a wallet card photo - just airport to hotel for four days than back to airport. Like the last time I went away, not all of my scheduled posts published.

 Last night I was looking forward to catching up with baseball card blogs. Unfortunately there was a lot of sad news this week, including the passing of former Brewers pitcher Ray Peters. You can read Off Hiatus Baseball's post on Peters's passing. He also answered my questions for this blog in 2015.

Right before I left town I got two amazing packages in the mail though. One contained what are now the oldest cards in my collection - that one will be a different post. This post concerns the fantastic package I got from my latest Diamond Jesters Time Travel Trade. (Seriously, get in on these!)

There were some modern cards . . .

some vintage . . .

and the holy grail, a 1969 Mickey Mantle checklist card! I now have both Mantle checklists from his playing days (the other is '67). Awesome!


  1. There has been way too much bad news on the blogs this year! It sure would be nice if the universe could give everyone else the rest of the year off. I've always liked that Killebrew IA, even if it does look like he's tracking a pop-up.

  2. I can say that at least no one drew a mustache on the 69 Mantle! Love seeing vintage on your blog!

  3. Once again, thanks for the trade!

  4. The Manias card is pretty cool because of the Devil Rays jersey.