Sunday, May 19, 2019

The oldest cards in my collection

A while back Julie of A Cracked Bat showed some '51 and '52 Bowmans she picked up on the cheap at a card show, and was offering as they did not fit in her collection. I waited a few days to see if someone else would claim them, but no one did and so I scooped them up.

Three '52s and five '51s. Two players (Bob Cain and Johnny Groth) are represented in both sets. My favorite is King Kong Charlie Keller, a Yankee star from 1939 to 1949, pictured here as a Tiger. Certainly this is my first card of a former teammate of Lou Gehrig. These cards look absolutely fantastic and have certainly whetted my appetite for more.
 Julie even through in a few more vintage cards. I already had Pappas and Wert so they are up for trade. Don Wilson and Jim Perry are now my first cards from the inaugural Kellogg's set (1970).
Thanks Julie!


  1. YW! I found both Kelloggs in a DIME box. People are nuts which is certainly great when we can benefit from their insanity!.

  2. Fantastic package. I shouldn't have passed on those, lol.

  3. Vintage Bowmans and Kelloggs? It doesn't get much better than that. Another awesome package from ACB!

  4. I had a feeling when I saw these that you might end up getting a few :)