Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Corey Koskie on baseball cards

Third baseman Corey Koskie played nine seasons in the major leagues, mostly for the Twins. His best season was 2001, when he hit .276 with 26 HR, 103 RBI and 27 SB. Overall, in 989 games he hit .275 with 124 HR, 506 RBI and 71 SB. He is now the founder of Linklete, which shares inspirational stories for young athletes. He kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"I have a lot of hockey cards.  I have 2 Gretzky rookie cards that are super cool.  I still have a pretty big collection at my parents house.  I would save money so I can buy the cards. I remember the winters in Canada being super cool because I couldn't wait to to go to the store to but another pack of cards.   

When I got my first baseball card it was pretty cool but not as cool if I would have been in a hockey jersey on an NHL team. "



  1. Cool, I didn't know he was from Canada. Think he'll trade you one of his Gretzky rookies?

  2. Yeah! Koskie was one of my favorite players on those early 2000s Twins teams.