Thursday, May 2, 2019

Trade with Baseball Card Breakdown

I've exchanged cards with Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown more times than I can count. Here is the latest round of cards he sent me:

1950s and 1960s! Look up Moe Drabowsky, he is one of baseball all-time wackiest individuals. Also getting a Bobby Murcer rookie is very cool.
 1970s! Several pretty big names here. I really like the Sanguillen card where he is giving an autograph. Got to be one of the first cards ever showing that.
 Finally, a few modern Yankees. I like the Severino card with a different view of Yankee Stadium than you normally see. The Rivera and Mattinglys are all dupes, they'll go to Al unless someone else wants them.


  1. Glad you like! Yeah, I figured you'd have most of those modern Yankees but could maybe flip them to Al.