Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Vintage backgrounds: NY stadiums in 1966 Topps

 Three New York stadiums can be seen in 1966 Topps. Paul Schaal poses in front of the big scoreboard at Yankee Stadium.
 Mike Shannon does the same at Shea.

 Despite having closed after the 1963 season, the Polo Grounds still managed to find it's way onto Al Stanek's card.

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  1. I enjoy posts like these because I'm absolutely awful at ID'ing stadiums.

    (Also, I saw your comment on a post of mine recently, I'd definitely be up for another trade! I'm having trouble accessing my old email so I'm trying to shift things over to my newer account -- feel free to email me at nickpecucci AT gmail DOT com if you'd like. Thanks, Bo!)