Thursday, December 20, 2018

Time to ease up on these

When eBay posted a 15% off coupon I decided to buy some more lots. The first one came in yesterday, and is probably a good reminder to cool it a bit on these. It was 350 '60s and '70s cards, no pictures so it was a guess but with the coupon it came up to a dime a card so I figured "why not".

Here is the collation by year.
Very heavy on '78 and '79, and light on the '60s. Had I seen this picture I probably wouldn't have pulled the trigger, but I did OK for the price. There are a few reasonably big names in the '60s cards (Kubek, Haddix, Virdon) and the '78s are already going out in a trade.

Below are the cards I needed out of the bunch - 49 total. Not bad with another almost 300 cards for trade bait. Trade bait includes a '62 Cal McLish (Phillies), '64 Ray Herbert (White Sox), '66 John Roseboro (Dodgers, highly off-center) and several '73 high numbers including Jim Kaat.

I was impressed that I was able to get nine '74s I needed, including a HOFer (Sutton). Also a bunch of '73s including some high-numbers.

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