Sunday, December 16, 2018

It's late . . .

I spent way too much time tonight trying to figure out how to get the most bang for the 15% ebay coupon that was going on today. I ultimately decided on three vintage lots, two large and one smaller, that came out to only a little over a dime a card. I think I need it to cool it with these for a while.

Because it's late I'll just show a teaser of what I got today. I'll show more tomorrow. It was related to the eBay purchases from last time. A dealer I had bought cards from in the past, who is based on Long Island, had a bunch of vintage lots. I met him at this place (not a card shop, it's basically some rented warehouse space) so I could buy the cards with no shipping. I combined some relatively inexpensive lots with four star cards that were in poor shape - I'm quite excited for my first true vintage Koufax, Maris and Clemente cards. All in I was able to get everything for about 15 cents a card.
These are the lots I picked up. All have plenty of duplication, so let's get trading. I'll show more photos tomorrow.
'76  - 158 cards, minor stars (i.e. well-known but not a HOFer)
'73 - 308 cards, minor stars
'72 - 189 cards, minor stars
'71 - 270 cards, minor stars
'70 - 84 cards, minor stars
'61 - 131 cards, commons


  1. I used that coupon on my first Tom Seaver auto. It was way cheap because it's pretty faded, but it's a certified Seaver auto, so I'll take it! Hope your lots work out well.

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