Monday, July 11, 2016

There is a Monster Hit at the End of this Post

Got some awesome cards in a great trade with Corky of the blog Pack War (go check out the contest he is running). It was a great, eclectic compilation of cards from all over my wantlists (particularly the funny/interesting pictures section) and beyond, including an incredible hit card that is now probably the most awesome card I own.

I don't have any 2016 base cards yet, believe it or not, but I have a couple of other cards from this year now including this beautiful Gypsy Queen card of Lou Gehrig.
There is something meta about signing your autograph on a picture of someone signing an autograph, as seen in this 1992 Bowman card.
 Of course, 1992 Bowman is famous for it's rookies in street clothes, the best of which features Cliff Floyd dunking a baseball.
 This is a card that should not exist - it is numbered 000/000! Actually all 2007 Bowman cards of Jose Reyes have this unusual error.
 Who is posing with Chuck Knoblauch here? I love Collectors Choice and 1998 is the only year I haven't completed.
 I always love these "players and kids" cards.
 No, that card and this one of a flying Steve Karsay are not 2016 Stadium Club, though they look like they could be, as that set stole it's design from 1997 Fleer.
 I wonder what kind of rodent got out onto the field to send Carlos Baerga scampering onto a chair.
 I like the cameo of Tommy Lasorda playing first.
 This pose has been done a few times in various parks, but I like the view of Chicago behind the left field wall here.
 Grrrr! Hulk smash! Ron Gant is a monster but this is not the monster hit at the end of the post.
 Finally, here it is. A Joe DiMaggio bat card! To own even a small piece of memorabilia from one of the greatest Yankees of all time is really awesome, and certainly something I never thought I would own. Thanks, Corky!


  1. You definitely delivered on that monster hit promise - wowza!

  2. I am glad the cards made it to you. I owed you something really special since I was seriously delayed in sending you a return package. Can I say seriously delayed when talking about a year? Doh!