Thursday, November 29, 2012

Austin Manahan's version of the missing-tooth story

When I realized that the shortstop in Chris Gill's story was Austin Manahan, who had shared several great stories with my blog two years ago, I had to ask him for his memory of the incident. Here is his version of this great story:

"We were both playing second base that day - and this was the very beginning of the season - I believe our first series of the year... And yes, he charged a chopping ground ball and it drilled him right in the mouth.

I remember that a few people were looking for the tooth for a while, but we could not find it.  Probably, the tooth came out of his mouth covered in blood so when it hit the dirt it was instantly covered in dirt and there was no way to see it.  By the way, the field was not very nice in Augusta and we actually wore mouth pieces for a while after that game (I doubt Chris knows that).

Anyway, he was with the Charleston Wheelers and we were in the Southern division - Augusta Pirates, we did not play them for a LONG TIME again.. it was the second half, July sometime.. so a long time had passed.   Now back to the tooth.. It was a month or so after the incident that I found the tooth.  He had this correct,.. just after the national anthem I would look for any rocks to grab off the field - more like a ritual, and I look down to see this long white, shiny rock.. and I pick it up and sure enough, there is the tooth - super long root.  I put it in my locker and purposely brought it up to West Virginia to give to him.  If I remember correctly, they won the Championship that year - and here is another tidbit.. Trevor Hoffman was the shortstop (Chris played 2nd that year) and of course Trevor became an AMAZING pitcher and had a great career as a closer. One last thing, at this same time, Pittsburgh had a minor league infielder who also became an pitcher..  Tim Wakefield!  What a career he had as a pitcher."

Thanks! There is a card of Hoffman in the same set that I got my Chris Gill card.

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  1. Now that's an awesome story. And from both perspectives, too.