Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trade with The Baseball Card Snob

Got some cool cards in a trade with the Baseball Card Snob. I was happy that all the cards he wanted were in a condition that even a snob couldn't turn his nose up at. (Are there any anti-snobs out there who collect poor-condition cards? I've got tons!)

The cards he sent me were from a variety of years and brands, but I choose this Bruce Bochy card to focus on. Is it time to start thinking about him as a future Hall-of-Fame manager? You hear alot about the manager he beat, Jim Leyland, being a future Hall-of-Famer, but Bochy's record compares favorably to Leyland:
Bochy: 1454-1444 record (.502), three pennants, two world championships
Leyland: 1676-1659 record (.503), three pennants, one world championship
I'm not sure if either belongs, but if Leyland gets in, Bochy definitely should.

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