Sunday, November 11, 2012

1989 Canton-Akron Indians (Best)

The 1989 Best set has a pretty bare-bones layout. Incidentally, they used almost the same design in 1990. Almost every picture in the Canton-Akron set is taken in front of the same gray wall.

Dan Boever is now a professional golf entertainer, specializing in long drives and trick shots.
A striking feature of the Canton-Akron set is the dirt all over the pictures. For example, look at all of the green smudges on trainer Dan Remond's photo.

They use the same pictures on the back, and you can see the same smudges.  Also, they say he got a degree in "Sorts Medicine".

Jeff Shaw's card has a word written in reverse. Holding the card up to a mirror it looks something like Caab. This isn't just writing on my card - you can see another card at this link.

Shaw is shown as a pitcher posing with a bat. This set may have set a record for that pose.

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