Thursday, November 29, 2012

More from Chris Gill on the missing-tooth incident

Yesterday I posted about how Chris Gill lost a tooth on a bad-hop ground ball, and there was a card of him with the missing tooth. He then shared with me this great follow-on story:

"After I took the ball off the chops, the paramedics came to take me to the hospital for immediate oral surgery, but as I was standing there, before getting in the ambulance, blood everywhere, I kept saying to them, "I lost a tooth, I lost a tooth," but my teeth were so mangled,  they couldn't tell that one had actually popped out (went through my lip). So the other players started looking around for my tooth in the dirt but couldn't find anything.  This was in Augusta Georgia, Pittsburgh Pirates affiliation, first week of the season. So they continued the game as I went on to the hospital.  Two weeks later, when the Pirates came up to play us, their SS walked up to me and said "You're never gonna believe this.  A few days after you guys left, I was out at SS and kicking the dirt around during the National Anthem.  As I looked down, I saw this really cool rock, so I picked it up.  As I took a closer look, I knew right away what it was, it was your tooth."  My whole tooth came out clean. It was hilarious, I couldn't believe it.  Still have that tooth to this day."

Thanks! That shortstop was likely Austin Manahan, who has shared several stories with this blog.

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