Thursday, November 8, 2012

Minor League Team Sets

Lately I've become more interested in minor league cards, especially those that are older than mid-90s. There are a couple of reasons - one is that I like minor league cards in general. Although they don't have action poses, there are often goofy shots that you rarely see in major league sets. I also like the much greater range of players that you'll get compared to major league sets. Another reason I am getting more interested is that I have basically all the major brands MLB issues from 1978-1993. 1993 was the last year I collected before re-starting my baseball card obsession about ten years ago, and cards from that era are still most interesting to me. I am finding I enjoy minor league cards from that era more than major league cards that are more recent. (Though I still enjoy modern big league cards very much!)

There were a few major sets dedicated to minor leaguers that came out in that time - 1990 CMC, 1989 and 1990 Star, and a few years of Fleer, Upper Deck, Classic Best and Skybox/Line Drive in the early 90s. I have a few complete sets:

91 Classic/Best
92 Classic/Best
94 Classic
92-93 Fleer Excel
92 Upper Deck Minors

Though I am of course still interested in cards from the other sets, I recently started taking an interest in minor league team sets. Each team had one or even two different sets each year produced by manufacturers like Best, CMC, ProCards or TCMA. The problem is that these cards tend to be expensive - often .50 or $1.00 a card. I hate to spend more than .10 maximum on a card, and usually try for far less.  

However, I recently saw a lot of 30 minor league team sets for $50 on ebay. Knowing that was a great price, I jumped on it, making it my first ever ebay purchase. The sets are really fun, and I am going to highlight a different one each day.

There were three sets that appeared twice in the lot, so each one is up for trade. The sets are: 1990 Tulsa Drillers (ProCards); 1987 St. Petersburg Cardinals (ProCards); 1989 Eugene Emeralds (Best). I'd ideally like to trade them for other minor league cards, but will take big league cards also. I'd also love to trade major league cards for minor league cards if any of you readers have any to trade.

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