Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dennis Burtt on baseball cards

Dennis Burtt pitched fifteen seasons of professional baseball, going 121-99, including a 2-2 record in the major leagues with the Twins in 1985 and 1986. Now a Registered Representative at Transamerica Financial Advisors in Lodi, CA, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"I never really collected baseball cards. Actually I have just a couple of balls I've kept. I used to get autographed balls for the son of a friend of mine. He had a lot. After I started playing I moved so much I didn't have any place to keep anything.
I guess my favorite card is the one put out by a cereal company in the Minnesota area. I say that because it is the only one that was made. It was a few years after I played in Minnesota that we were looking for a card. My wife had the ball from my first win and she wanted to put it with my card. I called Topps and they said they didn't make one of me. They checked and told me Fleer didn't make one either. I asked them why they didn't make one (since I signed a contract with them my first year) and they said "We didn't think you were going to be there." Needless to say I was very disappointed."
Thanks! Here is a card of him from my collection.

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