Thursday, November 15, 2012

1989 Riverside Red Wave (Best)

Unlike some of the other Best sets, the Riverside Red Wave (Padres organization) has a lot of fun photos and interesting poses.
 Andy Skeels was born in New Zealand.
Unlike Stephen Sharts, Mark Beavers's name was funny even during his playing career.
 Not a very glamorous location for your baseball card shot, Mr. Pitcher-Holding-a-Bat. I wonder if that is the duguout or bullpen. Either way, that little metal bench shows that these players are a long way from the big leagues.
 Even worse, pitcher Brian Harrison had his photo taken right outside the bathroom!
2-time World Series Champion manager Bruce Bochy in his first year as a coach.

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  1. I have a card or two from players on the "Red Wave"! I had never heard of them before I had the cards sent to me in a trade package. I'm really digging the minor league sets you've been showing, and it's especially cool when the cards actually show people that went on to "make it".

    One of my favorite cards of all time is a 1990 Best card of one of my favorite players, Archi Cianfrocco, playing for the Jacksonville Expos. I've seen some earlier cards of him on other Expos minor league teams, but they're all crazy expensive on eBay. I was fortunate enough to find the one that I have in a 50 cent box at an LCS.

    Minor League cards rule.