Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Luis Alicea on baseball cards

Luis Alicea played thirteen seasons in the major leagues, coming up with the Cardinals in 1988, and last playing with the Royals in 2002. Now the Director of Baseball Operations at the Elev|8 Sports Institute in Delray Beach, FL, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.
"I don't have any particular stories about any cards, but I always have a preference for the action cards. I like the cards that were taken during actual play, specially when I am jumping over a player as he is trying to break a double play. I like to collect cards, especially Roberto Clemente. I have several of him as well as other former MLB players. I am actually starting to look for some of my old cards, so I can give my younger son, he is 4 years old and the other day he was so happy when he got his first set of baseball cards not knowing that his father has cards of his own. When I showed him my cards, his faced lit up and he took them to school so he could show his school teachers."

Thanks! You can find his work address in the link above if you want to send him any cards you might have. I am going to.

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