Friday, October 19, 2012

It's over

Wow, six runs in four games. One run in the entire series that did not come off of a homer. Meanwhile, Miguel Cabrera slugged the ball like it was his wife and Delmon Young slugged it like it was a Jew. Maybe next year the Yankees should sign some alcoholics and thugs? And Girardi really has to change this awful managerial philosophy:
Anyway, is is time to finally put away the notion that the Yankees are one of baseball's elite teams? They have won one pennant in the last nine years. That is as many as the Colorado Rockies or Houston Astros. Teams that have won more:
Cardinals -3
Phillies - 2
Rangers - 2
Red Sox - 2
Tigers - 2
The Giants might join this list later this week. Otherwise, the Cardinals will win their fourth pennant in the last nine years. If they do, then they have to be considered the team of the 21st century so far. The Cardinals have been my favorite National League team since the '80s, so I'll definitely be rooting for a 2nd-Wild-Card world champ!

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