Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another garage sale haul

For the second time in three weeks I went to a garage sale only because it was a few weeks away from my house. Again I walked away with a huge box of cards from the late 90s and early 00s. Cards from that area used to be pretty rare to see at garage sales, but I guess now people who were card-buying kids those days are now out of college, moving out of their parents houses and getting rid of them. Just to pick out one card, I'll highlight this awesome Rondell White card:

By the way there was a ton of 1995 Donruss (mostly series two) and lots of 1995 Ultra (including a bunch of Gold Medallion parallels), 2003 Donruss, 2000 Topps, 1999 Upper Deck MVP,  and 1999 Upper Deck Victory so I've got some cards in all of those sets to trade.

There was also a smattering of 1980s cards, including a surprising number of good ones, all of which are up for trade:

1985 Donruss Dwight Gooden (rookie card)
1986 Donruss Lenny Dykstra (rookie card)
1986 Donruss Tom Seaver
1990 Donruss Mark McGwire
1985 Fleer Tony Gwynn
1987 Fleer Wally Joyner (rookie card)
1990 Fleer David Justice (rookie card)
1979 Topps Jim "Catfish" Hunter
1984 Topps Wade Boggs
1986 Topps Len Dykstra (rookie card)
1987 Topps Rafael Palmeiro (rookie card)
1988 Topps Barry Bonds

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